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Investment plans

Prior to entering the international financial management and trust management market, OCEANICSTACK - TRADING AND BITCOIN MINING Limited analyzed all existing passive income offers, as well as investor preferences, to maximize the understanding of mostly demanded type of cooperation. We would like to match your vision of a quality investment service to the maximum and eventually become a well-deserved leader in the race of online corporations. That’s why our conditions are best for managing your assets. We sincerely believe that we will be able to become your most loyal partner for the coming years and, perhaps, help one of you make your first steps as an online investor.

Weekly interest: 15%
Minimal investment sum, USD: 1,000
Maximal investment sum, USD: 9,999
Investment term: Weekly
Payment Days: Monday - Sunday
Weekly interest: 30%
Minimal investment sum, USD: 10,000
Maximal investment sum, USD: 49,999
Investment term: Weekly
Payment Days: Monday - Sunday
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Weekly interest: 45%
Minimal investment sum, USD: 50,000
Maximal investment sum, USD: 99,999
Investment term: Weekly
Payment Days: Monday - Sunday
Profit calculator
Before creating a deposit, you have the ability to calculate potential profit that you will receive every week. You just need to enter the amount of the deposit to get the desired result!
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OCEANICSTACK - TRADING AND BITCOIN MINING Limited offers a simple and transparent mechanism for attracting investments and making profits. Our expert group assumes only those obligations that we are able to fulfill, therefore your profit is guaranteed, as well as the safety of your investments. We do not define any period of cooperation, and your deposit will work on a permanent basis, bringing you profit every hour. You can make as many deposits as you need. The minimum deposit is only 10 USD and there is no maximum limit. After creating the deposit and 3 confirmations by the network, the invested amount will start generating profit every week. The withdrawal of profits becomes available once your balance reaches at least 10 USD. After you make an application for payment, we will send money instantly.